happy anniversary, peek.

from our first date

to falling in love,

i am a happier, smarter, better person because you are in my life.


happy birthday

to my april fools' day baby little sis who turns 17 today!

i love you, nicole amber.
i'm so proud of to be your older sister.




check out these amazing paintings photographs by artist alexa meade.

she's so talented!

and my personal fave: 
this beautiful self-portrait.


happy st. patty's day

patrick picked me this four-leafed clover when we were hiking in the redwoods at muir national forest. i've had it pressed in my journal for months. i smile every time i come across it.


isn't she lovely?

i'm absolutely in love with this fantastic mayfair steamer secretary trunk
by designer timothy oulton.

the workspace offers plenty of cubbies and drawers to store knick-knacks and supplies while keeping a chic and sophisticated appearance.

 it even has wheels for easy[ier?] maneuverability and closes completely for privacy and storage.

 what fun it would be to clear up space for guests by tucking away a messy desk, or just for some extra floor space!

and doesn't it look just as good closed as it does open?
[wait- did i mention i was in love?]

okay, so i won't exactly call it a steal, but knowing it's not going out of style may make dropping $2,995 on such an amazing piece a little easier to sleep at night. may.

[via like cool]


first aid kit.

this music video by swedish folk-rockers first aid kit is equal parts adorable and fascinating.

[and let's be real: totally strange, right?]

[via something's hiding in here]



 four babies. four countries. 

babies debuts mother's day weekend.


an open letter

dear ryan gosling,

seriously, ryan?
is it not enough to be a talented, oscar-nominated actor with the kinds of looks girls swoon for and guys are jealous of? you also have to be the singer of a totally creepy band, dead man's bones, that sings eerie songs about the supernatural? oh, with various children's choirs from across america?



i still want to hate you for breaking up with allie rachel mcadams in 2008...but damn. YOU'RE MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT.


a fan of pretty much anything you do anyway because you look so good doing it


cool cutlery.

how wonderfully creative are these designs?

fearing that as technology grows we are becoming forgetful of food's origins, vladimir rachev created 'soil' in the shape of gardening tools to bring us back to our roots. via design launches.

       'cut' by thomas feichtner follows the maxim of form over function, departing from traditional ideas of cutlery. via yanko design.

'gone fishin' by yamazaki imitates the smooth lines and curves of little fishies.    via like cool.

            'evolution' by gosia hop aims to unleash the "feeling of hidden power."

inspired by humans' first feeding means of teeth, nails, spears and palms, 'origin cutlery' by eynan kimhi aims for the user to investigate the evolution of the pieces.

and finally, mark reigelman created 'bite' in an effort to "highlight the daunting reality" of worldwide plagues such as obesity and starvation. via design milk.


stone forest.

 these limestone towers in the tsingy be bemaraha strict nature reserve 
in madagascar are simply stunning.

for more of these amazing photos from steven alvarez, check out 
national geographic & read the accompanying story here.
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